Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In the mood for fiddly things - making dollhouse clothes

Sometimes I feel like working structurally - but right now it was a week of 'glasses on', tiny scissors, material scouting and doing something I didn't know I could - making tiny clothes!

First I got stuck on a trolley for under the desk. I had these great pill boxes from muji muji and all it needed was a bit of styrene and 4 castor wheels. Well... and a bit of patience.

Then I got into the clothes mood. Clearly one cannot have an empty wardrobe ;-)
Here what I came up with: coat, leather jacket, shirt, jumpers and t-shirts, jeans, shorts.

hand stiched

Used a tuto I found on the internet

hand stitched

The jeans and shorts are photographed and then printed on fabric

Two hoodies drying...
I ran out of stiff and stuff and made my own with diluted white glue. It works just great! So, no more buying stiff and stuff...

The only thing missing is a pair of trousers on a trouser hanger - not sure yet how to make the hanger .. but I will figure out something.

And I posted the empty salad bowl to  Orsolya Skulteti in Hungary so that she can fill it with her wonderful creations!

This is all soooo exciting :-)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Creating additional kitchen space

You probably all come to the same point as you go along: heck, if only I had a little more space in that house!

Same thing here: I realized that I did not have space for the laundry dryer!
But the house construction is already given - no way I could make it larger.
And all inside space is pretty much allocated ...
Ok, I could make this a major art feature in the living room or so ;-)

I decided to add three 3cm by extending an exterior wall.
This meant that the facade of the house would have to be adapted as well.

This is the only place I could extend to the outside (this is a wall that is removable)

... too little space in the back under the staircase.
Well, I took the knife and was hoping for the best!

3cm more make a BIG difference!

The logic looked right at this stage.
I couldn't wait to now get going on the facade to find out if this really looked great...

Yeah! I like:-)
This is what I love about builidng models - finding solutions that look great!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

3D printables

I was invited by my friends in Germany to join them at the 1:12 Fair in Rheda this weekend.
But they wanted me to bring something along that I could show...

I am catching a train and there is no way to take along a model. But what I could share are the sturdier things that I have available in my Shapeways shop, printed in 3D.

So, very hectic weekend/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday designing and making the showcase (lightweight using foam board, dismantable for transport), paint some of the items that were in the raw plastic state and putting them into scene.

Spraying color on cardboard/foam board was tricky because - as we all know - it tends to suck up the moisture and then all is ruined. A primer doesn't do the trick either - same issue.
I sprayed very light coats - about 8 of them - and the damage was minimal because I used weights as well. Question of patience though because of all the waiting in between...

Not happy with the 'roof' and lettering - but time was limited and it will have to do for now...

These industrial lampshades are printed in metal and the weight is supposed to make them hang nicer than the lightweight ones... 

First time I installed this lampshade - used a 'pear' LED lamp

Same thing - as a bowl or as a lampshade
Ah, and then - how to make this stable? I made a great construction of wood, magnets, velcro and foam board, painted it and it was all ready when I spotted these two things behing a box in the studio! It could have been so easy...
I attached to magnet strips to the back and they snapped right on!! And now it is rock solid :-)

Hey, have a great week!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Surf Cabin Video

If only we could spend a little time there....


Enjoy the day!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Modern minimalistic wood house

I could not wait for this new project! It has been on my mind for a while - and my loot from Chicago is basically for this..
Here a screen shot of the drawing. The upper part walls will not be see-through. But it will have a recessed window front and - if possible at all - a gallery inside. On the plan it seems to work out.. but let's see if it is really looking generous enough.
I had to figure out which side(s) of the house can be removed - it has to be the west and east sides. I would have preferred the front with the two storey window, but with the roof overhang this did not really make sense.

As always, I work with Kappa Foam Board and cover this with basswood veneer. This is probably not as economical as working directly with wood, but I like the ease of handling and having a 'light-weight' house.

Heck, I don't think I ever worked so precise! 1/2mm differences are bothering me .. how nerdy can you get? And then: ONLY mitred window frames from 2mm styrene L-shape. Haha, now we know how nerdy one can get 😉

I got a bit bored with making walls and windows... made the clothes rack for the entrance, adapted from Töjbox
Love the hangers I found in Chicago!

Mh.. I probably have to fill it some more. But making mini clothes is not my idea of fun..

More built-ins (cupboards in the lounge) because it is easier to work with the walls laying flat..
Leather for the handles and wood for the door hande
Built-in blackboard - but I need a left-handed person to do the writing..
Ok, so this is what I have been up to lately... mainly having fun!

Monday, May 8, 2017

This and that...

I am a bit stuck with my beach hut: Pierluigi (Pimini) from Italy has not sent me the two-plate gas hob yet. Because I cannot get to the kitchen area once I glue the house together, the walls are just taped together, at the moment.
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

With all the goodies I got in Chicago this hut is more than full... 😏. Not quite my usual style - but then my son reckons is looks like a perfect hang-out for the surfers! He added the binoculars and got me to make a weed plant ... a must have for the boys 😉
Outside shower has still to be installed

Please note the beer crates - a rare find!

Not only did I learn how to make a boat and carve surfboards - but with excellent tutos I made as well a fishing net and glass floats!

Another issue is how to photograph this properly? I mean, Switzerland is not exactly known for sandy surf beaches 😏 I know quite a few sandy spots at the lakes but - surprise - there are always mountains in the back!!
Any ideas are welcome!

But I was busy with other things as well. I added more chairs to my Shapeways shop - mainly modern ones. They turned out great but sanding and painting them does usually take some time...
Sturdy Softshell Chair - difficult to cover with fabric so I opted with chalky paint

Dainty...I am amazed how they can print this!

This is as is with legs and all

This model is 'seat only' and I attached real wooden legs - took me a while ;-)

The industrial lampshade is great as well and I want to try this asap. Because it can be printed in metal it should hang perfectly.

Printed in matte black steel - a bit too rough for my liking,
I will try a different polished metal next time

And then I started my next project!!
More about this in my next blog...
And yes - it is definitely not a room box!

Here what I would like to share with you though:

Just dicovered wood veneer fabric from Halbach!
This opens new possibilities...
For minis the 'stone' s best because of the fine grain

Not sure if you know this tool - but I simply could not do without it!
Measurement marking ruler -- also available in metric version

So, enough for today!
Regards, Marion